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The Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre will provide new club facilities for the Tennis, Bowling, and Workers Clubs in historic Fremantle Park.

Fremantle Park (1879) is the home of the Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club (1895) and Fremantle Bowling Club (1896). Both club facilities at Fremantle Park are in need of redevelopment and repair to meet the needs of their respective sports and their members.

In 2011, consultant GHD completed a needs assessment and feasibility study on the amalgamation of the two clubs and a concept plan for a shared facility. The needs assessment and feasibility study was funded by the City of Fremantle, Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) and both clubs.


Current situation

The study found several advantages for both clubs; however, due to the redevelopment of the Fremantle Leisure Centre, the City was then unable to support another major grant application.

Both clubs then looked to other potential partners for financial backing, with the Fremantle Workers Club (FWC) expressing an interest. The working group reformed to include members from FWC and approached the City in 2013 to apply for Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities funding (CSRFF).

Since hearing about the possibility of a new facility at Fremantle Park, other sport and recreation clubs have expressed interest in sharing this facility. Many of the clubs are not in a situation to contribute financially to the construction, but could be considered as possible user groups.

The development of the new shared single club facility will benefit the multiple parties that utilise the existing facilities, as well as creating a space where local residents feel welcome and increase the availability of community use space for hire.


One concept plan of several, including an underground parking component - which is not to be implemented.

Garry Gillard