Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre

The FPSCC will provide new club facilities for the Tennis, Bowling, and Workers Clubs in historic Fremantle Park. It will be governed by the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Board.

Architect Announced, November 2016

The City of Fremantle has awarded the first stage of the architectural contract for the Fremantle Park development. The successful tenderer is Site.

Call for an Architect, August 2016

Advertisements have been placed by FCC calling for proposals from architects wishing to bid for the job of designing the new building. Tenders close 16 September 2016.

It is expected that construction could commence in April 2017.

From Lawrence Apps, Convenor

The State Government has expressed its tangible support for the proposed and long-awaited sport and community centre by allocating $400,000 to the project.

This pushes the funds available for the multipurpose facility over the $4 million mark, with the City of Fremantle contributing $1.85 million and the Fremantle Workers Social and Leisure Club also contributing $1.85 million.


Convenor and Tennis Club president, Lawrence Apps (right) with Don Whittington (left), president of the Workers Club, explaining the current state of planning to members of the clubs, at the Tennis Club, 26 June 2016.

The City’s successful application for government support came via the Community Sport and Recreation Facility Fund administered by the Department of Sport and Recreation. The project was eligible for government funding through this scheme because of the involvement of the tennis and bowling clubs.

The three clubs established a joint working party to drive the project, and members of the working party devoted many hours of work over several years to facilitate the process. This included working with Mayor Brad Pettitt, City officers, Department of Sport and Recreation officers, Lotterywest officers and external consultants.

The clubs are extremely grateful to the Mayor, the City Council and officers Marisa Spaziani, Beverley Bone and Erinn Litchfield for their guidance and support.

The City has already appointed Sam Bryce as project manager to steer the planning and building of the facility, and the joint working party will now be meeting with Sam to get the project underway.

Laurie Apps
Working Party Convener

5 March 2016

Existing buildings

overhead view

The above image is taken from a presentation given by the President of the Fremantle Workers Club, Don Whittington, at the Club on 31 May 2014. The full PDF is available here: Future Directions (3Mb).


A personal note on names. The building will have the unfortunate name Fremantle Park Sport and Community Centre. Its governing body will also be saddled with an unnecessarily long name, the Fremantle Park Sport and Community Board. These decisions were obviously made by a committee, as it has produced these camels. I tried without success to persuade key players to adopt 'Fremantle Park Association' for the executive: it's shorter and more to the point. The building could have managed without a name. The Tennis Club (building) is called just that, as is the Bowling Club. GG.

Fremantle Park
Bordered by Ellen, Parry and Ord Streets

Garry Gillard